Taxi Online Mobile App UI Kit A79Q6TQ

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Taxi Online Mobile App UI Kit A79Q6TQ

Taxi Online Mobile App UI Kit A79Q6TQ
FIG | 16.6 MB

The Taxi Online Mobile App UI Kit is a versatile and user-centric design package tailored for mobile applications in the ride-hailing industry. This kit offers a sleek and intuitive interface, specifically crafted to enhance the user experience for those utilizing online taxi services. With a focus on accessibility and functionality, the kit includes a range of well-designed components such as real-time location tracking, seamless booking interfaces, secure payment options, and user-friendly driver communication features. Its visually appealing design and smooth navigation contribute to an efficient and enjoyable platform, ensuring users can effortlessly book rides and access essential features for a seamless and convenient taxi experience.

• 3 Mobile Screen
• Easy to Customize
• Compatibility with Figma
• Well Organized Layer
• Open Source Font (Google Fonts)

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05.12.2023 UI Kits 81